“They return the love around here, don’t they?”

Guy Garvey

About Us

Opposite the Hacienda site, Street on 1st is a restaurant rooted in Manchester but inspired by the world. From the fabric lights and the rounded forms of the seating, which hark back to the region’s cotton weaving industry, to the Coreten steel reflecting Manchester’s key role in the industrial revolution, everything about Street on 1st has taken its cues from this incredible city!

Our food takes inspiration from the world, the heart of which is being social — that’s why we’ve created an eclectic mix of dishes to choose from depending on your mood. Which leads nicely to our food for a social mood concept — we’re not trying to tell you how to feel, we’re simply offering a suggestion of a dish that could make your day!

Famous for our midweek lunch buffet, join us between 12pm and 2pm everyday and choose from a healthy selection of salads, hot dishes and fruit and veg. All priced from just £4.50, and ready to take away if you prefer!

Street on 1st and the terrace is available for private hire. Please contact for more details.

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General Manager

Adam Munday

General Manager

  • Favourite food: Roast chicken dinner – Winner, Winner!
  • Best claim to fame: Looked after Bill Clinton.
  • Favourite holiday destination: South of France
  • Your quirky fact about Manchester: It rains too much!
Adam Munday X
Conference & Events Operations Manager

Richey Jones

Conference & Events Operations Manager

  • Favourite food – Crispy Pork Belly
  • Best claim to fame: Supported the Hoosiers and Matt Cardle (as I’m a part-time musician!)
  • Favourite holiday destination: New York
  • Your quirky fact about Manchester: Ernest Rutherford first achieved the splitting of the atom at Manchester University in 1919.
Richey Jones X

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